The Concept of Unseen Underground was started in June 2008 by two Chennai based music lovers Nicky [Jatin Sarma] and Vijay. They wanted to give an esteemed stage in Chennai for one of their favorite Indian bands that lacked fame in the town.

The idea was then developed by them to support the talented bands across the nation by giving them the right platform to perform in order to reach the right audiences.

The first show was Unseen Underground Pub Fest I (UUPF-I), held on 17th June 2008 at Star Rock – Chennai, which at that time was considered to be the only pub in Chennai to play rock and metal regularly. The show was an immediate hit with an overwhelming crowd- support as the idea was very fresh and appropriate for the metal scene. There wasn’t one newspaper that failed to cover the event alongside colorful pictures. Even though the media coverage was sufficient enough to reach a wider perspective, Unseen Underground wanted them to be more precise about the music and the bands rather than just pictures and appreciations. That’s when it stepped into music journalism and started writing concert reviews for few newspapers. Their genuine concert reviews gained them a good reputation among the music lovers as it focused only on music and the bands.

Soon after the first edition of Unseen Underground Pub Fest the second one was planned only at the demand from the metal heads in town and after that they never looked back.. UUPF II saw the best crowd for an underground metal event among other shows that ever happened in the city. City metal heads were sure that this is not just a show anymore it was the beginning of a new revolution in the scene of underground music that Unseen Underground had given to them.

This is only the beginning…….


Unseen Underground is a non commercial organization that works for the welfare of the talented bands not only in India but across the world. Organizing shows for the upcoming bands that really deserve to display their talents is in Unseen Underground’s arena. We are not here to bring the underground bands to mainstream arena but to get them heard loud. Some music are supposed to stay underground.


Aspired guitarist Nicky got bugged of the mundane professional work and wanted to do something for the passionate music lovers. He took a break in the end of 2007 from the unexciting proficient world and started promoting few local bands as a band manager. That’s when the idea of creating a platform for the fellow musicians clicked in his mind. Unfortunately the world evolves around one thing called –Money. He had to go back to his boring job. But he kept nourishing his ideas and worked towards it, in spite of his busyness. To make his idea come true and shape it into a reality Vijay was always there to help him with his passion. Vijay is a music critic and an encyclopedia of different genre of rock music. He is an ardent writer who can talk volumes through his creative writing in music analysis and lot more.

This very idea of giving a podium to all these musicians has brought these two friends together to give shape to their dream – Unseen Underground.