Unseen Underground promises a whole new year of rock and metal. \m/ 

Unseen Underground has started their this year’s journey with a great zeal, with the Rock fanatics in the country who are already very excited about the national tour of Unseen Underground in 7 different cities along with 100 upcoming bands from ever nook and corner of the country within this year.
Original music has always been appreciated by Unseen Underground. UU fans know about it without being told.
This year we are expanding our peripheries to 7 major cities ( Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati & Shillong) giving equal opportunity to more than 100 talented bands across the country.
Unseen Underground Pub Fest- 2010 plan is to conduct shows as follows throughout the year:
Kolkata: 6 shows (Bimonthly starting from July 2010)
Guwahati: 3 shows (Bimonthly starting from July 2010)
Shillong: 3 shows (Bimonthly starting from July 2010)
Delhi: 6 shows (Bimonthly starting from August 2010)
Bangalore: 6 shows (Bimonthly starting from August 2010)
Chennai: 10 shows (Monthly starting from August 2010)
Hyderabad: 6 shows (Bimonthly starting from August 2010)
UU welcomes you all to be a part of this mission.\m/ We hope our new TV & Radio will help us reaching what we have planned successfully.
UU is grateful to reveal that Rolling Stone, Red FM, Chennai Live, Domeco, Headbangers India, Rock and Raga, Re-invent Clock Group have happily agreed to join us in this march.
First 50 shortlisted bandlist for Unseen Underground Tour:

Based on the entries that UU had received from various bands across the nation we have shortlisted first 50 bands. The next list of another 50 bands will be out soon. Out of those 100 bands 75 bands will be shortlisted who will be participating in UUPF 2010-11. Out of those 75 bands, 25 bands will get a chance to play in more than 1 city with UU. 10 best bands will be shortlisted further who will be touring in all the cities that have been planned by UU for this year.
N.B: Interested bands can still send their entries at unseenunderground@gmail.com. Please do not resend your entry. UU will get in touch with the selected bands through email.
UUPF Bandlist I :
Abandoned Agony ( Bangalore)
Abraxas ( Pune )
Alien Gods (Itanagar)
Asthra (Bangalore)
Athanasia (Mumbai)
Atmosfear ( Mumbai )
Black Damnation ( Delhi)
Blind Image (Chennai)
Blind Ritual (Mumbai)
Bull Engine (Delhi )
By His Bleeding Side ( Bangalore )
Chronicle Phobia ( Mumbai )
Corroded Dreams ( Delhi )
Crypted ( Chennai)
Cynical Recess (Kolkata)
Dark Horizon ( Guwahati )
Demonic Resurrection (Mumbai)
Devoid ( Mumbai)
Eccentric Pendulum (  Bangalore )
Escher’s Knot ( Chennai )
Franks Got the Funk (Chennai)
Guillotine ( Delhi )
Inside Out ( Bangalore )
Lavender Carnage (Delhi)
Lucid Recess ( Guwahati)
Middle Finger Theory (Delhi)
Moshpit (Kolkata)
Nailed ( Chennai)
Night (Kathmandu )
October (Delhi)
Overblack (Bangalore)
Phobia ( Delhi)
Pip Of The Fourth Mother (Shillong)
Plug In ( Hyderabad)
Progardin ( Bangalore)
Public Issue ( Chennai)
Purple Blood ( Trivandrum )
Rampazze ( Delhi)
Redemption ( Mumbai)
Silent Existence (Delhi )
Spiked Crib ( Mumbai )
Spitfire ( Bangalore )
Spook ( Mumbai )
The Hobos ( Kolkata )
The Kraft (Delhi)
Theorized ( Bangalore )
Tom Violence (Chennai)
Verses (Bangalore)
Zealous ( Mumbai)
Zygnema ( Mumbai )
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